What is BOC-3


The Basics of What is BOC-3 Filing


If you operate commercial vehicles at your business, there’s a good chance you’ll need to know what is a BOC-3. Our organization recognizes that the filing process can feel overwhelming. After all, you must secure every requirement while ensuring commercial vehicles can function. BOC-3 is also known as the Designation of Agents for Service of Process. It is one of the major requirements to achieve operating authority. BOC-3 processing also ensures that every company maintains active interstate operating status. So, who has to file a BOC-3? All freight forwarders, brokers, and for-hire truckers. Authority will get issued once the FMCSA processes each BOC-3 form. FMCSA refers to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. But not anyone can file a BOC-3 form. Only process agents have the authority to conduct the filings.


Our Organization Has a National Reputation for BOC-3 Processing


Do you need an experienced BOC-3 process agent to file on your behalf? If so, look no further than our organization. We get consistent recognition by the FMCSA registration as top-level process agents. Our national reputation has made us the #1 A $19 BOC-3 Filing and processing service in the US. We attribute our success to always putting our clients’ needs first. When you hire us as your blanket process agent, expect first-rate results. Our team has decades of experience. They provide process agent service in every state in the country. We can ensure your motor carrier business maintains coverage across the entire US. Our staff will execute all the key BOC-3 actions on your behalf. All you need to do is appoint us as your blanket agent.


Whats a BOC 3

I need to know what is a BOC-3 for my DOT license


BOC-3 Filing & Process Without Hidden Fees


Our competitors choose to stack their BOC-3 filing invoices with hidden fees. But that’s not how we do business. Once you submit your order, there is only one small charge. Next thing you know, you can get your BOC-3 form posted within 4 minutes. You can call/message us to learn the exact cost for when our agents forward your documents. The pricing depends on which state your company’s headquartered in. We also have a No Annual Fee policy. That’s because the FMCSA needs BOC-3 forms to get filed every year. Say farewell to hidden feeds and say hello to winning cost-effective solutions. We work with real agents based in every state in the country. That’s right- our professional process agents can assist you no matter where you operate. These representatives can receive all your state court and legal documents. Whenever your company needs information, the agents will supply you with it ASAP.


The Best Access to Your BOC-3 Documents


Our team will give their all when it comes to providing you with information from BOC-3 documents. Plus, they will supply that information faster than any other organization can. Sure, we’ll follow-up with you on the phone and stay in close contact through email. But we can also go out of our way to provide documents through certified mail. We also pride ourselves on archiving our clients’ BOC-3 filing company information and documents. This means that you can have access to your information for years to come. Our BOC-3 Privacy Policy ensures that your data can remain 110% confidential.


Fast Filing of Your BOC-3


Say that you choose to send us BOC-3 information for us to file during our normal business hours. Our team can then conduct the filing within a few minutes. This is so we can put your BOC-3 filing into the electronic system of the FMCSA on an immediate basis. Next, our team will create an official BOC-3 form. The form contains all information that the government needs to issue full compliance with. We will then supply you with an electronic copy (PDF) for your records. We can even send you a printout copy of the BOC-3 form, should you request it. Our direct link to the FMCSA network positions us to do the fastest filings in the US. We train our service specialists on how to conduct instant processing. This way, you and your employees can get covered within minutes.


What Is a BOC-3 Form?


BOC refers to having a blanket of coverage. The BOC-3 form agents provide a legal presence in all states where businesses operate. Those businesses include carriers, brokers, truckers for hire, and freight forwarders. Plus, the government requires a BOC-3 before FF and MC numbers can get activated or reinstated.


What Is a BOC-3 Process Agent?


The FMCSA has a strict rule about BOC-3 process agents. Companies must have a process agent in each state that they do business in. But that’s not all. The companies also have to have a process agent in every state that employees travel through. The BOC-3 form features the addresses and names of every process agent. FMCSA regulations demand that each carrier or broker has to keep a copy of the BOC-3 form. The form must get stored at the carrier or broker’s principal place of business. Most people do not have a legal right to accept legal/service documents on your behalf. So, who does? Your BOC-3 process agent.


What Is the Difference Between a Blanket Agent & a Process Agent?


The blanket agent gets tasked with holding an office in each state. Blanket agents supply coverage in each state in the US. A process agent can refer to an individual, organization, or company. The process agent receives services of process for customers in a certain state. They supply cover in the particular state where they’re located.


Can I Work As My Own Independent Agent?


You have a legal right to serve as your own process agent. But you must do so only in your base state. To make this happen, you have to hold a physical address where you receive services of process. Processing has to take place during normal business hours. Most people have no logistical way of becoming their own blanket agents. But that’s where our organization comes into the part. We charge a low rate to serve as blanket agents for hundreds of businesses.


Am I Required To Maintain a Copy of the BOC-3?


Yes, US federal law states that you must hold onto a copy of your BOC-3. You have to keep it either in your truck or at the principal place of business. Our team will email you a copy of the form. The form will contain both process agent and blanket agent information. This can take place as soon as you submit an order.


Does the Law Require Me To Update Paperwork for the BOC-3?


You do not need to update blanket agent and process agent information on a consistent basis. Only do so if your agent resigns or you switch agents. Also, you do not need to file BOC-3 forms when taking part in biennial updates.


Our Dedicated BOC-3 Customer Service Team Is Standing By


Do you have any questions about filing a BOC-3? If so, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team right away. They will supply you with all the information your business needs to succeed. Our staff has decades of experience working in the trucking industry. We know the ins and outs of BOC-3 filings better than any other organization. An agent will walk you through the filing process and ensure that you’re prepared to operate. Our mission is to make BOC-3 filing a painless, stress-free process. We’ll take care of the hard work so that you and your workers can get on the road fast.

BOC-3 filing
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