How Much Does a BOC-3 Cost

How Much Does a BOC-3 Cost?



The cost of almost all BOC-3 filings is not expensive for any business or carrier. The price of the average BOC-3 filing ranges from about $20 to $50. A signed copy of a BOC-3 form should get filed in every state where a trucking organization operates. That organization must also store a copy of the BOC-3 in its primary office. All changes to designated agents require a new filing through an FMCSA service. If there is a change to a designated agent, every related state gets affected. Only a single BOC-3 order form can stay on file through the FMCSA. The form has to feature every state that requires agency designations.



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How Much Does a BOC 3 Agent Cost?


Do you want to appoint a professional registered BOC-3 agent? If so, the cost of an agent is as low as $20. But sometimes the cost goes above $100. It depends on the scope of services that an organization chooses. Let’s use SOP agents as an example. Many of them provide compliance services. These services go beyond the standard BOC-3 filing process. 

The service and fee structure for BOC-3 agents can vary. Quite a few professional process agents apply extra charges to their annual fees. Those new charges correspond to every document that gets handled. But other process agents only charge one-time BOC-3 filing fees. An address change fee is a common extra fee. Expedited BOC-3 filing is another typical charge. So, who needs expedited filing? It gets requested by organizations that want to get their businesses operating fast.



Information To Include When Paying for a BOC 3 & FMCSA Filing Service


The FMCSA is very serious about organizations submitting correct information. They must do so on a per truck basis. Make sure that you include the following when paying for BOC-3 filing or an FMCSA service. First, you must submit the address of the carrier and the carrier’s full and official name. This also applies to brokers and freight forwarders making an order. You will then need to include the name of the person that has signing authorization. Also, include that person’s title. 

The next step is to submit the new SOP agent’s name and number. List the street address for every state. You can do so on an individual basis or through a blanket designation. What is a blanket designation? It’s the name of an organization that is on file with the FMCSA. That organization serves as an applicant’s process agent. This applies to every state. It does not apply to the District of Columbia.



When Paying the Cost of BOC-3 Filing, Do I Have the Authority To Serve As My Own Process Agent?


Yes, you have the authority to classify yourself as your very own process agent. But you can only do so within your US base state. When doing so, you will have to have a physical address in the base state. That is where you will receive services of the process during normal business hours.



Who Has To Buy a BOC 3 Authority Service?


The following classifications of organizations must have a BOC-3 on file. It is an official FMCSA policy. Motor carriers and brokers must file a BOC-3. But that’s not all. Every freight forwarder and business also has to file the form. All three classifications have to file through the FMCSA on a consistent basis. (You do not need a broker to do so.)

Without filing, these organizations will not receive their much-needed Operating Authority. Plus, they could get rejected from securing bonds. Do you need to reinstate an MC number of FF number that has a revoked status? If so, the FMCSA requires a BOC-3 to get the numbers reinstated.



How Much Do You Charge for Process Agent Services?



Our fees for process agent services can vary. That’s because it depends on the specifics of what a trucking company or carrier needs. Our mission is to provide every BOC-3 filing-related service at the lowest price. We do so by providing custom authority packages to every client. One carrier might need a process agent in one specific state.

Another carrier could need agent after agent across every state in the US. Oftentimes, a carrier will also need surety services as part of the FMCSA filing process. No matter what, we’re going to provide the lowest fees that we can to each carrier. That’s why we recommend that every carrier or company give us a phone call. Within minutes, an authority broker can assess your license-related needs. Then, we will file documents and forms for your business.


BOC-3 Filing Agent has access to premium databases. They feature process agent after agent across the US. No matter the state, our business can help you, secure top-rated agents. Our team networks with the most qualified agents across every state in the US. We’ll guide you in the right direction and protect your carrier from getting ripped off. After all, your financial safety is our financial safety. We won’t rest until your company secures the authority that it needs. Our experts can even double-check each form that agents send you. As a blanket agent with years of authority experience, we make everything simple. That’s why people say that we put the “process” in-process agent.



How Much Is the Moving Authority Charge for Any Other Service?



Many potential BOC-3 Filing Agent customers ask the following question. “How much does a certain authority or filing service cost?” Our answer is often based on the exact authority needs of each carrier or company. Other registration companies will charge as much as they can. They love to exploit each registration need. But that’s not how our corporation does business. We help our clients order custom filing packages to gain authority. This way, the cost is based on all registration resources at once. In the long run, any company in need of authority can save money.


Do you want to learn about fees for anything related to securing FMCSA authority? If so, you can call or message our company at any time. Or, you can fill out the Carrier Authority Form on our website. We intend to take care of all your FMCSA related business needs at one time. Doing this process can supply your drivers with authority. And that authority can get activated faster than any other filing service. No matter what your company wants to order, you can do so with us. It is as simple as that. We’ll go fee by fee so that you’re aware of all our low charges. Say goodbye to the old ways of securing FMCSA authority and registration. And instead, prepare to take your business results to new heights all across the US.



Questions About the BOC 3? Contact Us Today



Do you have any questions about the BOC-3 forms or the filing process? If so, do not hesitate to call the phone number on our company website. Or, you can message us on our FMCSA Authority page right now. If we can’t answer, one of our agents will call back your business ASAP. Sometimes it’s confusing to understand the FMCSA rules for each state. Rest assured, our experts go state by state and figure out what companies need. This way, customers adhere to all FMCSA state regulations. We even help each carrier understand state safety rules.

We know that every carrier in the US has a number of FMCSA related needs. Our mission is to address those needs in a manner that promotes financial safety. This way, every company, and the carrier is not having to risk losing money. BOC-3 Filing Agent online has helped thousands of trucking companies succeed. And we’re ready to help your company or carrier reach new heights.

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