Does a BOC-3 Expire

Does a BOC-3 Expire?


No, the FMCSA has made it clear that each BOC-3 does not have an expiration date. A BOC-3 remains on every account until one of the following two situations takes place.

  1.  The organization decides to make an official name change.
  2.  The organization decides to start the official process for reinstatement.


Say that one of these events happens at your company. The BOC-3 will disappear from your account. You or your staff will then need to go through the refiling process.



There Is an Expiration Date at the Top of My BOC-3 Form. Do I Need To Refile?



No, you do not need to refile your BOC-3 after that expiration date. In this case, that date applies to the version of the form that gets used for filing. The expiration date does not affect your company’s filing status with the FMCSA. This means that you can keep your current BOC-3 information. So, what does the expiration date refer to? It means that the DOT has (or will) release an updated version of the form.



Can Anything Change My BOC-3 Status?


Yes, there are a few situations that can affect the status of an organization’s BOC-3.

  1.  If the company’s official name changes.
  2.  If the company’s official address changes. You must refile your BOC-3 filing if one of these situations applies to your current operations. Also, some changes to a DBA can result in BOC-3 status changing.


Please contact our organization today if you need more information. We specialize in refiling BOC-3’s for transportation companies all across the US. Our firm even has specific name change and address change services. But other than these situations, a BOC-3 filing will not expire.



A Company Sent a Letter Stating That I Need To File My BOC-3. Why Did I Receive This When I Have Already Filed?


Tons of companies send these BOC-3 filing letters to recent FMCSA applicants. They often get sent out before a BOC-3 gets filed. Or, a company might have an outdated list of new FMCSA applicants. The list might not have gotten updated even if a company filed their BOC-3. Receiving this type of letter does not mean that you did not file your BOC-3.

Changing your company’s official name or addres will make the FMCSA reset BOC-3 filing status on an automatic basis.

You might receive BOC-3 filing letters from companies when this happens. The last thing you want to do is spend money on a BOC-3 filing service that you do not need. If you’re unsure of your filing status, please contact our organization today. Our BOC-3 filing Company experts will communicate with the FMCSA and USDOT on your behalf.



I Filed a BOC-3. Why Have I Not Received Authority After 2 Weeks?


When it comes to BOC-3 filing, there is often a ten-day waiting period for the FMCA to grant authority. Some organizations even have to wait three weeks. The first action you should take is to make sure that you filed your insurance through the FMCSA. Contact your insurance provider to ensure that they followed all the proper steps.

If you do not have insurance, our team can refer you to high-quality agents. Please let us know if another week goes by and you still do not receive FMCSA authority. Our experts can then contact FMCSA and USDOT officials on your behalf.

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